Best Locations in New Mexico for Family Photos

What are the best locations in New Mexico for Family Photos?
In this post we’re going to show you some of our favorite spots that really show off the beauty of New Mexico and all that it has to offer. From desert to mountains, rustic to urban, we’ve got your covered!

Elena Gallegos Open Space

This is by far the most used spot for family photos in Albuquerque because it’s within reach for almost everyone, it looks pretty much the same all year round and parking is only a dollar or two. While it doesn’t look like much in the mid-day sun, come the last 2 hours or so of light, this place becomes magic!

Old Town, Albuquerque

Almost everyone in New Mexico has been to Old Town but not may think of it as a family photo location. While beautiful, there are a lot of people at this particular location. I myself was not attracted to it until a family asked me and I reluctantly said yes. This can really be a great area to shoot family pictures, especially around the holidays

ABQ BioPark

Another beautiful spot for family photos is the ABQ BioPark, especially in the spring and fall. This beautiful location has only become more gorgeous with time and there are a lot of backgrounds to choose from! The BioPark has a $25 dollar fee for photography so it’s a little cost increase but it’s worth every penny!

Alameda Open Space

Looking for fall vibes in Albuquerque? You have to go with those great big cottonwood trees and Alameda Open space is packed with them! Starting around September 28th those leaves start to turn and it’s the perfect time to get your fall family photos done in New Mexico.

Rio Grande Blvd & Rio Grande Pl

This hidden gem is perfect for summer or fall family photos. It’s not one location specifically, it’s a few in one area. Think Flying Star on Rio Grande/Los Polanos area. Lots of cottonwood trees, some rustic fences, and some farm fences.

Siphon Beach

This is a location we’ve been chasing for a LONG TIME! This is Siphon Beach in Corrales, New Mexico. It took us YEARS to find this place and it is beautiful, especially during the fall! We did a few family photo sessions here in 2021, looking forward to more in 2022.

Family photographer at Siphon Beach in Corrales, New Mexico

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