Albuquerque family photos

This family portrait session at Elena Gallegos open space was probably THE hottest session that I’ve shot all year but they took it in stride. This family has enough love for 2 families and I can’t believe how grown up Shane looks! He did great! Albuquerqe is probably the best or one of the best climates for outdoor family pictures. The summers are long and stretch into fall and the LIGHT, oh the LIGHT! Big wide open sky, it’s the best! I really do enjoy photographing families who are having fun. If you’re wondering how to look good in your family pictures, don’t think about it. Don’t worry about looking at the camera. HAVE FUN! Enjoy your family, pretend I (the photographer) am not there. Everyone thinks a good family portrait is everyone looking at the camera and smiling. There’s nothing wrong with that and and I usually do a few of those but the best portraits are of the real life interactions between you and your family. Beautiful golden sunset colors don’t hurt either. The best time to shoot your family pictures in New Mexico is the last hour and a half or two hours of the day. Just take a look!