How to Get the Best Family Photos in Albuquerque

Most parents think the best family photo is the one where everyone is looking at the camera. All the eyes are open and everyone is smiling. So you’re telling me the best photo of your family is a scenario that doesn’t exist in reality? Imagine if you walked into your kitchen one morning and everyone was lined up and smiling. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that photo. It’s a great photo and we do them for all our families. What I am saying is, it’s not the best photo. I would even say it’s the least valuable photo.

The old school posed group photo stems from a time when the technology needed you to stand perfectly still or you became a black and white blur. The reason you took that photo was to say, “We were all here at the same time, September 10th, 1894.” I’ll tell you what most of those photos are missing, SMILES! 😄 The stress of trying to force that old unnatural idea on young children is usually the main culprit of a high stress family photo session. This isn’t 1894! Now real life can happen in real time and we can get all of it because we are fast and so is our technology. We can catch amazing pics of moving kids, foot races, dancing, and tickles!

We approach our family photos differently. We don’t force, we have fun! The results are beautiful and engaging photos. It gives your family a chance to shine. Family photos are a chance to reinforce the idea of your family to your children. As they grow, do you want them to see themselves standing in a straight line, smiling for the camera? Or do you want them to see their mother tickling and kissing them, their father throwing them in the air with glee on their faces as they escape gravity?

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