New Mexico Family Photographer | The Jones Family

New Mexico Family Photographer | The Jones Family

I’m a New Mexico family photographer but this session had me considering a change in location. We took a little trip to Colorado and the highlight of our journey was getting to spend time with this beautiful family. The Joneses and Mandie (my wife) go way back. Jamie is a lifelong friend. She and Mike have two birth children and they’ve adopted 2 more! One big beautiful family with plenty of love to go around. 😊 We had an absolutely lovely time. And the backdrop for this session was amazing! Thanks for taking the time to look at our work. If you’re looking for a family photographer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we’d love to spend time getting to know you. Click here to book your own family session.

New Mexico family photographer Family portraits in Colorado An adopted boy and girl smiling. Family picture in front of a tree. A portrait of a young man with his hands in his pockets. A portrait of a young lady in a white dress. She is smiling and the sun is setting behind her. A mother hugging and kissing her adopted son. A mother standing behind her adopted sun and holding him. A mother is standing behind her adopted daughter. They are both smiling. A family of 6 is standing on the beach balancing on rocks. A mother and father embracing at a lake. They are both smiling. New Mexico family photographer Kids playing at the beach. Portrait of a high schooler at the beach. New Mexico family photographer The two adopted siblings are smiling at the camera. New Mexico family photographer A portrait of the 4 siblings.The youngest daughter is smiling and posing for her portrait. Family portrait in Colorado. The mother and father are standing in a field. Their arms are around each other and they are smiling. The mom and dad are doing an eskimo kiss. The mom and dad are laughing following their eskimo kiss. The mom and dad are holding hands and walking in the field. The sun is setting behind them. The mom is embracing her oldest daughter. The older daughter is leaning into her mother. The oldest daughter and her mother are doing an eskimo kiss.New Mexico family photographer



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