How to Dress for Family Photos in New Mexico

How should I style my family for a family photo session in New Mexico? Glad you asked! We’ve been photographing families for a combined 12 years her in New Mexico and we’ve learned a thing or two about what does and does not work. We’re going to give you some pointers!

Coordinating, Not Matching

A while back it was trendy to wear matching outfits. That’s no longer the case. The main reason is it causes you to blend together. What you want is separation between people so you can see where one person ends and the next starts 😉 If you want to wear the same color as someone else in your family, go with a different shade so there is a difference.


If you can avoid it, don’t do black. All the details get lost in the shadows and it also just dulls your images. Dark gray, dark wash jeans, and dark olive are great substitutions for black, though! Also, you want try to avoid blue. There’s a whole lot of blue in the New Mexico sky and we want to help you stand out. Bright white is also not so great. New Mexico is already a bright state and our goal is to draw attention to you. One of the best ways to do that is contrast. You want to look at least a little different that the brightness level and colors around you. And then there’s neon. Just try to avoid that one at all costs. We’re also going to have a separate post specifically about colors in another post coming soon!

Level of Dress

How dressy is too dressy for your family photos?
Obviously you want to look nice, but you also don’t want to look out of place. We are going to be playing games and having fun so wearing suites and ball gowns just doesn’t make sense. Guys, stay away from dress pants and business shirts. They’re usually too puffy and they just aren’t flattering in photos. Clothing with logos, characters, and text are not the greatest. They draw attention away from you and your family.

Little Details

Check for the small things that sometimes go overlooked:
-Scrunchies and/or hair-ties on wrists
-Food in teeth or on kids faces
-Hair in your face
-Watches that are too modern (they just really stand out and date your photos)
-Phones or keys in pockets (or anything, really. Empty those pockets!)
-Lastly, look over everyones clothes to see if someone’s loosing a sweater cap or a shirt is misbehaving.

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