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The Metge family is a full family! At the heart of this family is a love stronger than steel. Kristna and Charles definately have their hands full but their kids are pretty awesome! We trecked out to Alameda open space for this outdoor family Christmas Card portrait session. Alameda open space was just bursting with color. The key is scheduling your session while the leaves are still on the trees! There’s a two to three week time period when the trees in Albuqueque show those bold orange and yellow fall colors. I think it’s because of ┬áthe dry climate. I could be wrong but I think the trees closer to the Rio Grande hold on a little bit longer because they’re closer to water. Kristina’s parents came along so this was a full on multigen session. Thank God for grandparents! And thank you to Kristina and Chuck for bringing your beautiful family out and letting me photograph you!



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